Apple discontinues the iMac Pro, its priciest all-in-one PC

Apple has stopped making one of its most powerful and priciest computers, the iMac Pro. The machine first went on sale in 2017 and launched with the ad shown at the top of this page. The tech giant recently added a “while supplies last” label to the iMac Pro’s online listing, and stopped offering any […]

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The OnePlus 9, touting new Hasselblad camera, will be unveiled on March 23

The OnePlus 9 is on its way. Or at least, OnePlus has announced the event at which the OnePlus 9 will be announced. The livestreamed digital event is set for March 23 at 7 a.m. PT, and OnePlus has said it will be where we learn more about the upcoming flagship OnePlus 9 series. Alongside […]

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Apple now lets you easily move iCloud Photos content to Google Photos

Apple has quietly launched a tool that lets you automatically transfer all of the photos and videos stored on your iCloud account to Google Photos. This will be especially useful if you decide to ditch your Apple-made smartphone for an Android alternative and need to move your media to your new device. Trending in Mobile: […]


Insta360 teases a camera so small you can hardly see it

Insta360 is about to launch a very small camera that it’s describing as a “tiny, mighty surprise.” We get the tiny bit, but mighty? We’ll have to wait and see on that front. A teaser video ahead of the March 9 launch, presumably filmed using the incoming camera, features footage that passes between a variety […]


DJI FPV drone accelerates faster than a Tesla Model S. Yeah, it’s that quick

Talk about leaving the competition behind! DJI’s latest drone is its fastest flying consumer drone to date, easily capable of beating the Tesla Model S on paper when it comes to acceleration. The DJI FPV has a max acceleration of 0 to 62mph in two seconds. Let that sink in for a moment. It’s a […]


I crashed the DJI FPV drone the first time I took it for a spin

I can’t believe it, but after several years of flying drones, I finally crashed one. Worse yet, the thing didn’t even lift off the ground before it crashed, uneventfully, only a few short feet away from when I was trying to get it to take off. For the first time in my short drone-piloting life, […]


New Perseverance panorama lets you zoom in to see amazing detail

NASA’s Perseverance rover is currently undergoing checks to ensure it’s ready to start exploring its new surroundings on Mars. But that hasn’t stopped the mission’s team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California from firing up some of the rover’s many cameras to capture amazing imagery from inside Jezero Crater where it touched down […]