The Best Lenovo Laptops of 2018

Classic Design Meets Innovation It’s been more than a decade since IBM stopped making ThinkPad laptops, yet you’re still likely to see them in the halls of industry. That’s thanks to Lenovo. The company formerly known as Legend Computers of Beijing, China, still produces the well-regarded laptop line, with its beloved AccuType keyboard. And indeed, […]

All the best Amazon Black Friday deals for 2018

The Best Laptops of 2018

All the best Target Black Friday deals for 2018


What Do Holiday Shoppers Really Want In a Smartphone?

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us. For many consumers, this means the best time to find a deal on one of the shiny new smartphones released over the past few months. Device makers are always touting the latest and greatest features in their newest flagship smartphones, but […]

CDMA vs. GSM: What's the Difference?

Sweden’s Voi Technology raises $50 million to expand its e-scooters across Europe

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Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer trades in his gear for a toy camera

[embedded content] “All the gear, no idea” is a quip often thrown at photographers weighed down with a ton of kit that they don’t know how to use, or whose images fall well short of expectation. It’s a taunt that could certainly never be leveled at Oded Balilty, an Israeli documentary photographer who has proved […]


How to choose the best MicroSD cards for your smartphone or tablet

If you run out of storage space on your phone or tablet, you’ll definitely want to find a way to get more. One of the simplest options is to insert a MicroSD card. Sadly, not all smartphones and tablets support MicroSD cards. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you’re out of luck, but […]


How to take great photos with the Pixel 3, the best camera phone around

Simon Hill/Digital Trends If there’s one area where smartphones have really improved over the last couple of years, it’s photography. Google’s Pixel 2 was our reigning champion in the best camera phone category, so it’s not surprising that the device that knocked it out of the top spot was its successor, the Pixel 3. Anyone […]


Sony A7 III review

When it introduced the third-generation A7, Sony said the mirrorless camera would redefine what it meant to be the “basic” model — a promise that has largely been kept. The A7 has always been the entry point to Sony’s full-frame line, along with the higher-end A7R and A7S, and thus lacking some features. The A7 […]


Alpha Female: Sony awards five women grants to support artisan diversity

[embedded content] Like many tech fields, the photography industry often favors men, with data suggesting female photographers earn 60 percent of what men in the field earn. Sony’s latest program, Alpha Female, aims to help close that gap, and the initiative just announced the first set of grant winners. On Wednesday, November 14, Sony announced […]


Hang onto your magical tridents, the final Aquaman trailer is here

Enlarge / Jason Momoa stars as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman: half human, half Atlantean. Warner Bros. Pictures We’re just one month away from the release of director James Wan’s Aquaman, the first full-length feature film centered around Jason Momoa’s Justice League superhero. Now the final trailer has dropped, with all the magical tridents, warrior princesses, […]

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