AI chatbot goes rogue during customer-service exchange

International delivery firm DPD is updating its AI-powered chatbot after it gave some unexpected responses during an exchange with a disgruntled customer. Musician Ashley Beauchamp recently turned to DPD’s customer-service chatbot in a bid to track down a missing package. After making little progress with the chatbot, he decided to have some fun by asking […]

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Google to ax its Shopping app in favor of web search

In its latest effort to streamline its myriad of offerings, Google has decided to send its Shopping app to the scrapyard. Google is no stranger to axing apps and services when it feels that something no longer serves its purpose, and Shopping for Android and iOS is the latest casualty, the company has confirmed. Of […]

ByteDance’s Ohayoo has published more 150 games with 500 million downloads

Google killing Stadia’s studios may make crossplay gaming better for everyone

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Milky Way and Earth Feature in Stunning Space Station Photo

The Milky Way (and Earth) as seen from the International Space Station. Soichi Noguchi Astronaut Soichi Noguchi has posted a beautiful shot of the Milky Way from his unique vantage point on the International Space Station (ISS). The stunning photo also offers a glimpse of Earth about 250 miles below the orbiting outpost. The Japanese […]


The best FPV drone videos of all time

There’s flying a drone and then there’s flying a drone. While the former invariably involves gentle climbs and careful descents, the latter can include breathtaking speeds, sudden turns, and, if you’re still learning the ropes, lots of crashes. These faster, more sophisticated flights are often performed by FPV (first person view) drones. For those not […]


Model train set looks like the real thing in this GoPro video

Canadian Jason Shron eats, sleeps, and dreams trains. He also builds replicas of full-size ones and puts them in his basement. And it doesn’t end there. With the pandemic keeping him home over the last year, Shron turned his attention to another project that he says has been on his mind since he was a […]


GoPro HERO9 drops by $100 with this Amazon coupon

If you’re planning to take amazing outdoor videos once you get the opportunity, you’re likely looking for GoPro deals as the brand has become synonymous with action cameras. GoPro cameras don’t come cheap, but you can enjoy significant savings if you know where to look. A good source of GoPro discounts is Amazon, which is […]


Fujifilm’s no-frills Instax Mini 40 camera makes prints quick

Fans of fun cameras and instant photos have a new toy to play with — the Instax Mini 40 from Fujifilm. Squint through a pair of scratched goggles and the Instax Mini 40 kind of resembles Fujiflim’s stylish X100V camera, though the features on its latest device are of course way more basic. The Japanese […]