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A new robot promises to make the dream of oven-fresh bread every 6 minutes a reality

BreadBot (bread)Wilkinson Baking CompanyThe loaves produced by the Wilkinson Baking Company “BreadBot.”Wilkinson Baking Company
  • A new device named the “BreadBot” is said to have a staggering bread production capability: six loaves per hour, and nearly 250 per day, with barely any human intervention, according to the company behind it.
  • Unless you’re feeding hundreds of people, the BreadBot probably isn’t for you – it’s aimed at disrupting the supermarket bread model.
  • The company behind the BreadBot, Wilkinson Baking Company, debuted the device on Sunday at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Fresh bread, as we all know, is delicious.

But what’s even better than fresh bread? Loaves of bread produced magically by a robot, over and over, every six minutes. The only input required: Maintaining a steady supply of flour, yeast, and water.

This is the promise of the “BreadBot” – a newly unveiled creation from Wilkinson Baking Company, which debuted this past weekend ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

As you might suspect, the BreadBot isn’t for the casual home baker. Here’s how it works:

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