Adobe panics photographers by testing new plans for photo subscriptions

If you think Adobe’s list of Creative Cloud photography plans looks a little different, the software giant is testing an updated pricing sheet on the website for different photography plans. After photographers noticed the plan and started to panic, Adobe clarified that the webpage is just a test — and that the photography plans haven’t changed (yet).

Adobe currently has three different photography plans available for monthly subscriptions: The $ 10 Photoshop and Lightroom CC plan; the $ 10 Lightroom CC with 1 TB of storage; or the $ 20 plan with everything (Lightroom, Photoshop and 1 TB of storage). However, depending on a few different factors, all those packages may not be showing up.

Adobe confirmed that the company is running a test on the website that may cause some web visitors to see fewer photography plans available. Some users only see the $ 20 monthly subscription, while some are seeing the $ 10 Lightroom option and $ 20 option, but no $ 10 subscription that includes Photoshop.

While the test appears to be a price increase, it’s just eliminating the $ 10 option that still includes Photoshop, which would force Photoshop users to the plan that also includes 1 TB of storage if the test becomes a reality.

In an official comment, an Adobe representative said that the web changes are part of a test. “From time to time, we run tests on which cover a range of items, including plan options that may or may not be presented to all visitors to We are currently running a number of tests on”

Adobe says all the photography plans are still available to purchase — if you don’t spot the plan you are looking for on the website, the company says it’s available through this link. The different subscription options are also available through retailers like Amazon and B&H, though only as a one-year subscription.

The company says the test has no impact on the availability of the different plans. However, Adobe did not comment on if a plan change is coming in the future. While the test appears to only eliminate one plan and not change the pricing, photographers looking at both Photoshop and Lightroom would only have the $ 20 option with an added 1 TB if the test becomes a reality.

Last year, Adobe raised Creative Cloud pricing on some packages, some by $ 1 a month, others by $ 3 to $ 10 a month after adding a handful of new programs to the all apps plan. The price of the photography plans, which are less than the $ 20 one-app subscription, didn’t change at that time. The price for a monthly Lightroom subscription has remained at $ 10 since 2013.

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