Android Q: Everything we know so far about Google’s next mobile OS

Android Pie may still be rolling out, but already we’re looking ahead to Android Q — and it could represent some significant changes to Android as a whole. While we have absolutely no idea what Android Q will be called, we do have an idea of what it may offer, thanks to rumors and leaks that have started popping up.

Here’s everything we know about Android Q so far.

Android Q Dark theme

According to a report from XDA Developers, which has its hands on a leaked build of Android Q, Android may soon get a system-wide Dark theme that can be accessed through the Display settings in Android. It seems as though you can schedule Dark mode depending on the time of day, or you can have it always on or always off. When enabled, all apps seem to have a dark gray tint to them, while panels like the Quick Settings shade have a black background. The Dark mode seems to work in most stock Google apps, but it may also work in third-party apps that don’t have their own Dark mode, according to the report.

There are plenty of reasons you might want a Dark mode. Apart from it being a bit easier on the eyes, dark mode could save battery on phones with OLED displays.

Revamp to Permissions on Android

Google could also completely change how Permissions work in Android, according to XDA Developers. Notably, the report shows that location permissions can be limited to “only while the app is in use,” something that iOS has had for some time. In the Settings menu, users will also be able to see a “Permissions usage” graphic, showing which permissions are being used at any given time.

Desktop mode

Stock Android could be getting a desktop mode similar to what Samsung offers with Samsung DeX — though we’re not quite sure just yet. XDA Developers notes that there’s a developer option called “force desktop mode,” which has a description that says “force experimental desktop mode on secondary displays.” XDA Developers wasn’t able to actually enable the feature, but the fact that it’s described could suggest that Google is working on it for Android Q.

XDA Developers found a number of other, smaller tweaks to Android Q. For example, there are a number of added Developer options for things support for freeform multi-windows, an option for “Game Update Package Preferences,” which allows you to select a graphics driver, and more.

We’ll update this article as we find out more about the upcoming Android Q.

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