Apple Shows Off Upcoming Redhead, Bald Emoji

Apple 2018 emoji

In case you weren’t already aware, tomorrow is World Emoji Day.

Apple is celebrating the occasion by giving users a look at the new emoji characters headed to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac later this year. The free update to iOS 12 will add 70 new characters, including ones with red, gray, and curly hair; and one that’s bald.

Apple 2018 emoji

Also on tap are a couple of new smiley faces, including one that’s freezing cold with icicles hanging off its mouth and chin, and another with a party hat, paper horn, and confetti. There’s also a “pleading face” with big eyes and a blushing smiley face surrounded by three hearts.

Apple 2018 emoji

Apple 2018 emoji

Foodies will be getting some new emoji options, including a mango, head of lettuce, cupcake, and moon cake. The animal section is also getting a few new additions, including a kangaroo, peacock, parrot, and lobster.

Apple 2018 emoji

Other new characters headed to Apple devices later this year include male and female superheros, a softball, infinity symbol, and a nazar amulet believed to offer protection against the evil eye. Apple’s new emoji designs are based on approved characters in Unicode 11.0.

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Meanwhile, Apple earlier this year proposed a batch of new accessibility characters, including two different service dogs, a person with a cane, an ear with a hearing aid, a person in an electric wheelchair, a person in a manual wheelchair, a prosthetic arm, a prosthetic leg, and a person with an index finger on the cheek to represent the American Sign Language gesture for “deaf.” Don’t expect those characters anytime soon, however. This year’s emoji list has already been set, so if approved, Apple’s proposed accessibility characters won’t arrive until next year.

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