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U.S. restricts tech exports to China’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer in escalation of trade tensions

The Trump administration has issued new restrictions on U.S. technology exports to China’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer, warning that the exports could benefit the Chinese military. The Commerce Department on Friday notified U.S. companies that they will now need a license to export certain technology to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., or SMIC, according to a copy […]

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When coffee makers are demanding a ransom, you know IoT is screwed

With the name Smarter, you might expect a network-connected kitchen appliance maker to be, well, smarter than companies selling conventional appliances. But in the case of the Smarter’s Internet-of-things coffee maker, you’d be wrong. As a thought experiment, Martin Hron, a researcher at security company Avast, reverse engineered one of the $ 250 devices to […]


Amazon Luna servers will run Windows games directly on Nvidia T4 GPUs

The now-standard streaming-game-service shot of titles running on many different kinds of screens. Amazon Here’s all those screens running Metro Exodus. Amazon Just some of the streaming games that will be available from Luna+ and the Ubisoft Channel. Amazon From the service’s first trailer, another look at some promoted games. Amazon Amazon’s newly announced Luna […]