MSI PS42 (8RB)

MSI sells a gaggle of gaming laptops, but only one ultraportable: the new PS42 (starts at $ 899; $ 1,299 as tested). It’s a svelte 14-inch conventional notebook in silver that seeks to compete with category titans like the Dell XPS 13, the Apple MacBook Pro, and the HP Spectre 13. The PS42 is an […]


HP Chromebook x2

When I say “Chromebook,” do you think of a plastic clamshell that costs $ 199? You couldn’t be further from the truth of today’s sophisticated Chrome OS laptops, and perhaps the one you’re furthest from is HP’s new Chromebook x2. For one thing, the x2 isn’t cheap at $ 599.99. For another, it’s aluminum rather […]


Nintendo Switch cloud saves disappear six months after subscription ends [Updated]

Enlarge / Better keep paying for your Switch Online subscription if you want that cloud-based save data to remain accessible. Nintendo [Update Sept. 25: Nintendo has now confirmed to IGN that it will retain players’ cloud saves for six months after they cancel their subscription. “Nintendo will allow users who resubscribe within 180 days to access […]