HTC Vive review

Research Center: HTC Vive The Oculus Rift VR headset was first, but it was largely designed for seated or stationary use, which means it’s at its best only in certain specific genres, such as cockpit games. The HTC Vive, it’s primary competitor, is meant to be used in a room, while standing or walking (though […]

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Hyperloop test pod sets speed record

A competition helping to drive development of the futuristic hyperloop transport system has been won by engineering students from Munich. The hyperloop idea involves passengers in pods travelling at very high speeds down sealed tunnels. The team’s pod hit 457km/h (290mph) on a 1.2km (0.75 mile) test track. Run by the SpaceX aerospace company, the […]


The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games

Previous Next Gamers looking for the best Nintendo 3DS games have no shortage of titles to choose from thanks to the console’s long lifecycle. The 3DS has enjoyed several updates over the years, but each was compatible with its predecessor, and that translates to a huge library. There’s options for nearly ever genre, from action […]


Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Leaks

As more devices add wireless charging as a feature, the more demand there is for a wireless charger to drop them on. That’s why Apple is launching the AirPower mutli-device wireless charging mat, but it has been delayed until September due to technical hurdles. Now it turns out Samsung is planning a similar mat. It’s […]


Qualcomm Solves a Key 5G Problem for Phones

Qualcomm may have just announced a key component in next year’s OnePlus 7: tiny antenna modules that fit new “millimeter wave” 5G frequencies into phones. I’m mentioning the OnePlus 7 because OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told me in Shanghai recently that his company is committed to being in the first round of 5G phones. The […]


The best laptop brands

With so many different types of laptops out there, one of the first steps in narrowing down your choices is selecting a few brands that you like. To do that though, it helps to know which are the best laptop brands. The brands that offer quality, reliability, and decent hardware under the hood without charging […]

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Elon Musk and Deepmind's pledge to never build killer AI makes a glaring omission, says Oxford academic

Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount/”Terminator Genisys”This really isn’t what we should worry about. Tech leaders including Elon Musk and the cofounders of DeepMind signed a pledge last week to never develop “lethal autonomous weapons.” The letter argued that morally the decision to take a life should never be delegated to a machine, and automated AI weaponry could […]