Lenovo ThinkPad T480

When it comes to 14-inch business laptops, Lenovo offers light (the 3.6-pound ThinkPad T480 seen here), lighter (the 3-pound ThinkPad T480s), and lightest (the 2.5-pound ThinkPad X1 Carbon). Why would you choose the heaviest of the trio? Because the ThinkPad T480 has not only the lowest starting price at $ 860 (the model here is […]

Emerging Tech

These ‘tentacular’ jellyfish lamps bring the deep sea to the surface

ghArt has always found inspiration in nature, from prehistoric cave paintings to dynamic modern architecture. In the tradition of bio-inspiration, a German designer named Max Jürgensen has created a stunning lamp that mimics the appearance and fluid movement of a jellyfish. The Jellyfish Motion Lights are part lamp, part installation, and completely captivating. “I’ve always […]


BenQ EX3501R

As an ultra-wide entertainment monitor, the BenQ EX3501R packs a gorgeous 35-inch curved screen. It vividly displays HDR content, performed well in our image testing for both color and grayscale accuracy, and cleaned up nicely in gaming testing, too. Although it can’t match the Editors’ Choice Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor U3417W in either features […]


Altiplano review: A brain-tickling board game about… alpacas

Enlarge Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at Altiplano—or, as it is affectionately known ’round these parts, “the llama game”—displays a hobby in rude creative health. As you’d expect from noted German designer Reiner Stockhausen, the game is a formidable packet of innovative […]