Best Sony Xperia 10 cases

Sony Xperia 10
The Sony Xperia 10 is as close to a budget phone as Sony offers, but at $ 350 it’s still a device you’ll want to take care of. The unusually wide, 6-inch screen is the shining jewel in its crown, and you’ll need protection to keep it that way. We’ve dug around a little to see what’s on offer and these are our picks of the best Sony Xperia 10 cases currently available.

Sony Style Cover Stand

Sony Style Cover Stand for Sony Xperia 10

This is our top pick from Sony’s official case lineup for the Xperia 10. It’s a slim, wallet case that folds back to act as a landscape stand, which is perfect for watching movies on the tailor made 21:9 aspect ratio screen. The exterior is lightly textured to resemble leather grain and the cover automatically wakes or puts your Xperia 10 to sleep when you open or close it. Four plastic corners hold the Xperia 10 in place and provide some protection against drop damage. There’s no room for cards inside, so it’s not really a wallet replacement, but it does offer stylish, sleek protection for your Sony smartphone.

Avidet TPU Cover

Avidet TPU Cover for Sony Xperia 10

Basic TPU cases are common and they do a decent job of protecting phones. The flexible material can take the sting out of minor drops and knocks and it’s pretty durable. Avidet has created a brushed texture on the back that enhances grip and banishes finger smudges. Two carbon fibers accent panels top and bottom add a little visual interest. There are openings for the charging port, camera, headphone port, and fingerprint sensor, and well-defined button covers for the power and volume controls. This affordable case comes in black, gray, blue, or red.

Olixar Flexishield Case

Olixar Flexishield for Sony Xperia 10

You won’t find a simpler case than this offering from Olixar. It’s a flexible gel case that’s completely clear, so it won’t cramp your Xperia 10’s style. It provides a thin layer of shock-absorbing silicone, but we wouldn’t have great expectations about the level of protection it affords. Minor dings and short falls shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want something rugged, keep looking. There is a protective bezel around the screen, the coating adds some grip, and it’s very cheap.

Krusell Sunne Cover

Krusell Sunne Cover for Sony Xperia 10

If you like the feel and look of genuine leather, then this Krusell cover should grab your attention. It’s a basic shell case that hugs your Xperia 10, but coverage is fairly minimal. There are large cutouts for easy access to buttons, ports, and the camera. The outer layer of leather comes in beige or black. It should provide some padding against damage, but this case is really more about the style and we doubt it will guard against drop damage.

Sony Style Cover Solid

Sony Style Cover Solid for Sony Xperia 10

It’s slim pickings for Sony Xperia 10 cases right now, so we round out the list with another official offering. This is the case to go for if you want drop protection you can trust. There’s a thick, curved bumper that can handle falls, and this case has been tested to military drop standards, scoring a MIL-STD810G spec. As you’d expect with an official case, the fit is perfect, the openings are all present and correct, and you get the Sony logo on the back. It is quite thick, but that’s how it safeguards your phone.

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