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Chrome now using native Windows 10 notifications, Action Center

As of today, Chrome users on Windows 10 are going to start seeing Chrome notifications delivered as regular Windows notifications. This means that the Chrome notifications will use the same styling as Windows notifications and that they’ll all show up in the Action Center.

Google is doing a staged rollout of the new notifications; currently, 50 percent of users with the current stable version of Chrome, 68, will be opted in to the native notifications. That percentage will increase over the coming days or weeks. If you don’t want to wait, the “Enable native notifications” option in chrome://flags can be used to force the use of Windows-style notifications right now.

This is a very welcome change because it means that Chrome’s notifications will now respect Windows’ settings. In particular, Focus Assist (previously known as Quiet Hours) means that notifications will automatically be suppressed when you’re playing a game or mirroring your screen, or at certain times of day. For those of us with lots of Chrome notifications (I personally have Calendar, Slack, and Twitter, among others), this will make the alerts much less annoying and make Web apps feel a lot more like real software.

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