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Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2019 Award Winners

After a solid week gazing at wall-sized TVs, opulent yachts that respond to your every whim, and self-driving supercars at CES, you have to wonder: Couldn’t we be using technology to do more for the world?

The answer is definitely yes, and more companies are answering that call than ever before. To recognize them, Digital Trends has created a CES award specifically celebrating tech with the capacity to improve our society.

We’re calling it the Tech for Good award, and for 2019 it goes to Cocoon, a smart beehive. Yes, beehive. Here’s why you should care: Varroa Destructor are bloodsucking mites can destroy entire colonies if left unchecked. Cocoon kills them. As the primary pollinators of our food supply, bees are essential for agriculture, and therefore, you know, human survival.

Using solar panels, the Cocoon heats the inside of its hive to 108 degrees, warm enough to destroy evil Varroa Destructor mites, while leaving the bees unfazed. It’s safer than pesticides, and less disruptive than quarantining entire colonies. At $ 950 per hive, it’s certainly not cheap, but that price could easily come down with scale.

So, while you may never own a Cocoon, or even see one, there’s a good chance all of society could benefit from it. And that’s worth celebrating.

– By Nick Mokey

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