Earn a trove of 200 skins and victory poses in ‘Overwatch’ Summer Games

The slightly overdue Overwatch Summer Games 2018 are live from now until August 31 and will feature 6 new Legendary and 3 new Epic skins, 50-plus brand new Summer Games items, as well as all past exclusives in Summer Games Loot Boxes. The Games debuted on August 9 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Whether you live for competition like Overwatch League players or are gunning for fresh items, the Lúcio-centered Summer Games are a great time to amplify your skills and nab some seasonal loot.

The Summer Games Exclusive Brawl, Lúcioball, includes a Competitive Play ladder structure and placement matches for players to show off their mastery. Head over to the Copa if you’re ready for intense competitive play.

If you’re new to Overwatch or didn’t participate in the Games last year, let’s break it down! Each team will need to pilot three Lúcios, scoring goals on a playing field specifically modified to maximize use of his Wall Ride mechanic.  To control the ball, you can use both melee attacks or sound waves.

A new Ultimate, Turbo Boost Ultimate, can boost your movement speed and jump height. Combine with Crossfade and Amp it Up to navigate smoothly throughout the arena. Strategic use of all three movement specials can give your team the advantage they need– just keep an eye on the other three Lúcios!

If you loved the Estádio das Rãs and Sydney Harbour stages from last year, you’ll enjoy revisiting them any time you’re not at the new Busan Stadium. It holds a shiny view of the surrounding area, unlike the real-world enclosed stadium of the same name in South Korea.

There are over 200 cosmetic Summer Games items to collect. Favorite heroes are matched with sometimes fitting and sometimes comedic sportswear–if you ever wondered whether or not Roadhog was a Lacrosse bro, Blizzard has gifted us with a Legendary Skin to contemplate.’s heart-shaped-glasses wearing Waveracer is already a fan favorite, Cabana Ana keeps it shady, and Gridironheart Reinhardt looms large as ever. Fastball Zenyatta and Catcher Winston seem well-suited to their existing mechanics.

Three epic skins should catch the true collector’s eye: Mexicana Sombra, Éireannach Moira, and Kronor Brigitte all have national flair on their coats and some sharp sartorial silhouettes. New emotes reveal Lúcio as a skilled juggler, and most adorably, Boxing Bastion. The hero Wrecking Ball, or Hammond, is a recent mech option you should take the time to explore.

Crack open a loot box to find all these skins, new voice lines, victory poses, and country flag player icons. Previous Summer Games Events items can be purchased with credits for a discount.  If you can’t get enough in-game loot, check out the new Nerf line of Overwatch weapons.

Grab some friends and break it down in sporty summer skins and gorgeous worldwide arenas with your favorite heroes!

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