Fortnite week 8 challenge guide: Dial the Durr Burger number on the big telephone

It’s almost time for the season eight to come to a close and there are only a couple of weeks left in this volcano-erupting season as we head into the week eight challenges. After last week’s disaster of a show for challenges, Epic Games has thankfully given players some really awesome ones to work with this week. The most difficult challenge, however, is one that requires you to find the number to Durr Burger and then call it using a gigantic red telephone. There are a few steps you’ll need to take to complete this challenge and we’re going to give you detailed instructions on how to do them all.

Fortnite week 8 challenges

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

There are a total of seven challenges available to all players across all platforms this week. Three of them are open to everyone in Battle Royale while the other four are reserved for players who own the battle pass. If you don’t have the battle pass, we recommend that you wait for the next season to purchase one since there are only a few weeks left in this season. If you want to know what the challenges are this week, check out our screenshot above for the full list. Read on for our guide to this week’s biggest challenge that will have us call up Fortnite’s biggest burger joint.

Fortnite Durr Burger challenge

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

We hope you’re hungry as this week eight challenge has you do the simple task of figuring out the Durr Burger phone number, then heading to the big telephone on the map and dialing the phone number there. Essentially, it is two tasks in one, similar in nature to the sheet music challenge from a couple of seasons ago, except instead of playing music, we’re calling up the local fast food chain.

We’re not entirely sure why the Battle Royale island doesn’t have cell phones but we need to find the phone number and the telephone location. What makes this even trickier is, while the game tells us the general location of the telephone, figuring out the Durr Burger phone number is a bit more difficult.

After all, Durr Burger is all but obsolete on the Battle Royale season eight map currently. Greasy Grove hasn’t been around for a couple of seasons so we don’t have the ability to travel there in person. Perhaps, this is the reason why we have to call.

Here are a few tips you should consider while completing the Durr Burger challenge.

Fortnite Durr Burger challenge tips

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

We recommend you complete the Durr Burger challenge in Food Fight mode or whichever big team mode that is available per usual. It’s for the same reasons as always: the number of players is much fewer than any other mode, you have a ton of teammates watching your back, and fewer enemies to worry about overall. Plus, it helps that you have respawns enabled in this mode so you can always come back if you stumble upon some enemies.

However, since this is a rather brief challenge that really only requires two major steps, you could certainly do this challenge in other modes if you’d like. You’ll just need to watch out for other players trying to head to the same location as you. Last but not least, if you are really having trouble with this challenge or want to do it with your friends, group up together and then turn on the Party Assist feature in the challenges tab in the main Battle Royale lobby.

Fortnite Durr Burger phone number

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

We need to figure out what the phone number for this popular fast food joint is before we do anything else. It turns out that this challenge is actually a two-stage challenge and it’s to commemorate the grand opening of two new fast food restaurants in Retail Row. Those two restaurants are Durr Burger and Pizza Pit.

It seems that Durr Burger has finally recovered after an iceberg submerged the poor town of Greasy Grove at the onset of season seven. While you could certainly head to Retail Row and try to check out the new Durr Burger restaurant for yourself, there’s actually no need to do that in order to find its phone number.

Instead, all you need to do is locate the big telephone. This is because the telephone actually has the phone number for the fast food place on it so you can easily dial it. There are two phones in total on the Battle Royale island but there’s one, in particular, that we need for this challenge right now.

Fortnite big telephone location

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

The description for this week’s challenge graciously gives us a big hint as to where this big telephone is located. It notes that it is found west of Fatal Fields on the map.

Head to Fatal Fields if you can when you jump into a new match. From there, you don’t need to go very far to reach the big telephone location. It is directly west of the fields atop the large snowy hill that is right on the border of the fields and snowy biome.

The exact location for this big telephone is in the top left corner of the F9 square on the grid-based Battle Royale map. While a good portion of this hill is in a different square, this particular telephone is in the F9 square only.

To get up there, you can do one of these four options: land here from the start, build yourself a ramp up to the hill, use the Baller so you can grapple your way up the hill, or use a volcano vent to parachute over there. Regardless of how you get there, you are looking to reach the bottom right corner of the hill.

How to use the big telephone

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

Getting up here is only half of the problem. You still need to insert the Durr Burger phone number into the telephone to complete the first stage of the challenge. You’ll notice that this phone is an old school phone that you won’t see around houses these days. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you probably have never used this type of phone before in your life.

It’s not as easy as the piano challenge where you just jump on the keys. For this, you will need to either hit the respective numbers with your pickaxe or use a gun. Thankfully, the huge telephone is indestructible so don’t worry about damaging it or anything like that. We don’t recommend that you hit the big telephone with your pickaxe, though, as this older style phone will spin around and probably launch you elsewhere in the process.

We recommend that you use any gun that lets you easily shoot one bullet at a time. If you shoot too many, the game might recognize that as you’re hitting the button on the phone three times instead of one.

The phone number that you need to dial for the Durr Burger challenge is 555-0152.

Fortnite Pizza Pit phone location

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

Completing the Durr Burger portion of this challenge is only half of it. While you get an immediate reward for doing it, as soon as you leave the match, you will get the second half of this challenge. This part will have you find the big telephone that is located to the east of The Block. It is also found just west of Lazy Lagoon, which is currently filling up with lava.

There is a cliffside that is just to the east of The Block and if you jump down from there, you will find the Pizza Pit telephone. Head over here and, once again, the phone number that you need will be on the big phone itself. But if you are having a hard time reading it because of other players, the phone number is 555-0198. Dial that like before and you’ll complete this challenge.

Fortnite week 8 Durr Burger challenge reward

fortnite durr burger telephone fortnite pizza pit telephone

There are two separate rewards for this challenge. Completing stage one by dialing the Durr Burger phone will get you two battle stars instantly while doing the second stage will net you three more for a total of five battle stars.

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