How to print Instagram photos, from mobile printers to online photo labs

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The best photographs shouldn’t exist solely on Instagram. Thankfully, bringing those Instagram shots — filters and all — into the real world isn’t tough to do thanks to mobile printers, apps, and online services. But there are a few things you should know before you tap that print button, since Instagram doesn’t display photos in a print-friendly manner. Here’s how to get the best results when printing from Instagram.

What Instagram photos can you print, and how big can you print them?

First, beware that these tools for printing Instagram photos are designed exclusively for printing your own shots. Printing someone else’s photograph that you swipe off of Instagram is photo theft. If you see a photo on Instagram you’d really love on your wall, reach out via a comment or private message to arrange a print with the original photographer. Don’t be that Instagram user that finds a way to beat the system to steal someone else’s work.

Second, Instagram doesn’t save your photograph in all its high-resolution glory. Images are downsized to just 1,080 pixels wide — that’s fine for a small phone screen, but won’t hold up for a large print. Instagram photos can still make great prints, but they should be kept under five inches wide — such as a 5 x 5 for a square shot. If you try to print out an 11 x 14, you’ll end up with a pixelated print. For larger prints, find the original photo and make a print from that — you’ll lose whatever edits you made in Instagram, however, so you may want to edit in a different app first.

How to print Instagram photos from a printer

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Mobile photo printers, as well as larger photo printers, are great for spitting out permanent copies of your Instagrams. Zink-based printers create Polaroid-like snapshots of your favorite Instagrams, while traditional photo printers have more size options.

To print Instagrams from your own printer, you simply have to download the photo from Instagram first. To prevent image theft, downloading an Instagram photo isn’t exactly straightforward. However, you can use Instagram’s tool to download all of your photographs, or use a tool such as DownloadGram. For more information, read our step-by-step explainer of how to download your Instagram photos.

Once you have the photo file, Instagram prints can be printed just like any other photo — except that, again, you should keep in mind the photo’s smaller resolution and keep prints under five inches for best results.

How to print Instagram photos from a photo app

Dozens of different photo ordering apps have built-in tools designed for ordering Instagram prints. These tools simplify the process of ordering prints and include a range of different options, from traditional prints to wall art and stickers. Prices and features vary from app to app, but chances are, there’s an app that offers what you are looking for.

Each of these apps have a built-in Instagram tool — you’ll need to log in to your Instagram account from the photo app itself (not Instagram) to give the app access to your photos. From there, you can choose your favorite shots to print. (If your favorite printing service doesn’t offer Instagram uploads, you can still download your Instagram photos to print from anywhere).

Here are just a few of the different apps with built-in Instagram access:

Artifact Uprising (iOS)

Known for high-end paper quality and sleek designs, Artifact Uprising is a photo print app that also allows for prints from your Instagram account. The app includes a range of high-end products from prints and photobooks to photos on wood.


The FoxPrint apps turns your Instagrams into Polaroid-inspired prints with borders, magnets or stickers. The app’s smaller prints, stickers, and magnets are a good format for those smaller resolution Instagram photos and prices are affordable — like 35 cents for a print and $ 2 for a magnet.


Want to print and share your Instagrams? Postagram turns your Instagram photos into postcards. The $ 2-$ 3 price includes shipping right to the recipient, making it an easy way to send a postcard featuring your own photos.

Print Studio

Print Studio is a photo printing app that will print from the images already on your phone as well as connecting to an Instagram account. The app includes a range of different print products from basic prints to photo books, wall art, and gifts. If you don’t want another app on your phone, the app’s creators, Social Print Studio, also have a website to order from.


Offering the same perks and prices as ordering a typical photo print, the Walgreens app will also link to your Instagram for prints. Navigate to the Photos options, then prints, then tap on the Instagram icon to connect your account.

How to print Instagram photos online

Don’t want another app sitting on your phone? Several web-based photo platforms have Instagram integrations too, allowing you to order Instagram prints without anything to download.

Artifact Uprising

This photo app also has a web-based portal, which keeps the option to link to your Instagram intact. Like the app, the website offers high-end prints with more luxurious options (and prices).


A popular photo book printer, Blurb will allow you to create photo books from your Instagram or Facebook accounts. While the app only links to Facebook accounts, online, you can connect your Instagram for easily adding those shots to your albums. Instagram books start at about $ 23 with 60 pages.


ImageSnap prints photos onto ceramic tile, allowing you to make DIY magnets, use them as coasters, or tile your photos into your bathroom floor, if that’s what you want.

Social Print Studio

The makers behind the Print Studio app, Social Print Studio also has a web-based option. The website has the same options as the app, along with a few more print products not included in the mobile platform.


Bored with regular photo prints? Stitchta (formerly Stitchagram) will put your Instagram shots on pillows, blankets, tote bags, and even fanny packs (because the 90s are back!). The platform will link your Instagram account or you can use images already on your computer.

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