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I downloaded a $50 app to organize my entire life – here's what it's like to use

things 3Dave Smith/Business Insider

Thousands of disparate thoughts fly through our heads every single minute of the day.

“I need to do laundry this week.”

“I have a big project coming up for work, I should spend some time on that.”

“I should make tacos for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, I forgot to call my mom yesterday.”

There are plenty of apps to categorize your various to-dos, but there aren’t many apps that can help categorize your whole life: including your to-dos, but also your random thoughts, ideas, projects, and areas of your life, like work, friends, and family.

Things 3, from the Germany-based software startup Cultured Code, is a 2017 Apple Design award-winning app for organizing your life that’s both simple and robust. It works across Apple devices only right now (sorry Android and PC users), but if you have at least one-Apple made product it’s probably worth your consideration.

Thanks to Cultured Code, which provided me with review codes to try Things 3 on my Apple devices, I can confidently say that Things 3 is remarkable organization tool. It’s great for jotting down quick thoughts that come along, but it’s really best for tackling more complex projects – like planning vacations, learning a new language, and especially prioritizing your various work tasks.

I’ve spent a few months importing my entire life into Things 3 – here’s what it’s like to use the app, and why you should consider buying it:

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