Leaked snow-covered ‘PUBG’ map looks like a haven for snipers

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be getting a snow-covered map very soon if the ending of the E3 2018 trailer is anything to go by, but ahead of its release, it seems that data miners have managed to uncover some details. If you enjoy the thrill of crossing desolate bridges and honing your sniping skills from a snowy mountaintop, you’re going to be in for a very fun time.

An overhead diagram of the new snow map titled “Dihor Otok,” was posted on Reddit. Its layout resembles a flipped version of the small Sanhok map and looks like it will be about four times the size. Both have large gaps in the middle, though the snow map has nine bridges running across that will give players more options to avoid getting killed in the force field.

Buildings are scattered along the edge of the map, with larger facilities located closer to the center, but there are several completely blank locations that appear to be mountains. This could give snipers an opportunity to pick off targets at a longer range, though the snow will likely make it difficult to actually see other players. A bell tower also looks like it will be featured, which should be perfect for sharpshooters, as well.

playerunknowns battegrounds snow map data mined pubgdataminedsnowmap

Other files that players data mined show off some of the structures, including barns, towers, a sheet metal facilities, as well as C4 explosives. With so many new areas for players to wander into on the map, the explosives should come in handy. Opening the door to a building will no longer just bring about the fear of getting shot, but the fear of being obliterated.

On Xbox One, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently celebrated its official release with a new greaseproof controller after being in early access since late last year. The release also brought the Sanhok map to Xbox for the first time, as well as the deathmatch-style “War” mode, achievements, and the ability to purchase cosmetics with in-game currency. The developer’s Fix PUBG campaign has given players a sneak peek of upcoming updates and fixes, as well. As winter draws closer, we’re sure to see some official news from publisher Bluehole about the new snow-covered map. Until then, we’ll just have to keep an eye out for more leaks.

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