Loupedeck Plus can now edit video, audio with Final Cut Pro

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The photo editing console Loupedeck Plus is continuing to move beyond still photos. On Thursday, March 13, Loupedeck announced Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition compatibility with the Loupedeck Plus. The update is the second video editor to be integrated with the accessory that was originally designed for editing images inside Adobe Lightroom.

While the Loupedeck Plus is about the size of a typical keyboard, the USB-powered accessory uses buttons, dials, and wheels to create a hands-on experience for editing photos and videos. Instead of navigating to different controls on the screen, the Loupedeck uses physical controls all in one place. 

After expanding the software to support Adobe Premiere Pro last year, the Loupedeck Plus controls can now also be programmed to Apple’s Final Cut Pro. While originally designed for Lightroom, many of the labeled controls carry over into video. The eight color wheels can be used for color correction and color grading in a video, for example. Other controls can be customized to better suit the video workflow, like using the Loupedeck to navigate the video’s timeline.

Inside Adobe Audition, the dials, wheels, and buttons can be adapted to audio editing. Loupedeck says that users can take advantage of all Audition’s editing tools, including options like trim and nudge. The controls can also adjust volume across all channels, along with adding effects and fades.

Like with using Loupedeck Plus in Lightroom, the console’s controls can be custom configured using the software. Along with determining the function of the custom controls, users can also adjust the function of other pre-labeled controls to better complement their workflow. Once set, the control scheme can also be exported to use on other computers.

The Loupedeck Plus is the second-generation console launched by the company. While the original console worked with Adobe Lightroom, Loupedeck has been steadily adding new compatible programs, now working with Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop, Skylum Aurora HDR, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe Audition, and Final Cut Pro.

“Our customers have been eager for Apple-integration with the Loupedeck Plus since it was launched,” Mikko Kesti, founder and CEO of Loupedeck, said in a press release. “Final Cut Pro X was the logical choice given its wide adoption in the editing community and we felt it was an important next step for us as we look to continue our mission of delivering a well-rounded experience for users and helping to improve their workflows. Not only will they get the benefits of Loupedeck Plus’ intuitive design and approachable tools, they’ll get increased functionality across the range of video editing products they might be using.”

The Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition compatibility is available with a software update for current users. The Loupedeck Plus retails for $ 249.

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