Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Sandbox and gaming improvements

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview with Windows Sandbox and gaming improvements. The update bumps Windows 10 from build 18351 (made available to testers on March 5) to build 18353. These builds are from the 19H1 branch, which represents the Windows 10 update that will arrive in the first half of this year (likely finalized for Windows Insiders this month and rolled out to the public in April).

Windows 10 is being developed as a service, meaning it receives new features on a regular basis. Microsoft has released six major updates so far: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, April 2018 Update, and October 2018 Update.

We don’t yet know if the next update will be called the Windows 10 April 2019 Update. We do know, however, that it will bring Windows 10 to version 1903.

One of the highlights of the seventh update is Windows Sandbox, a lightweight desktop environment tailored for safely running applications in isolation. It’s where you can run an executable file you’re not sure about or what you might use as a clean installation of Windows without setting up a virtual machine. Any software installed in Windows Sandbox stays only in the sandbox, and once it is closed all its files are deleted. The feature will ship with Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Bug fixes and known issues

This 19H1 build includes the following general bug fixes and improvements:

  • Enabled microphone in Windows Sandbox, which among other things will improve several accessibility scenarios.
  • Added functionality to configure the audio input device via the Windows Sandbox config file.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Windows Sandbox time zone was not synchronized with the host.
  • Enabled the Shift + Alt + PrintScreen key sequence in Windows Sandbox which activates the ease of access dialog for enabling high contrast mode.
  • Enabled the ctrl + alt + break key sequence in Windows Sandbox which allows entering/exiting fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a recent issue resulting in some Insiders experiencing bug checks upon lid close, monitor plug, or monitor unplug.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in preferred region settings getting reset on upgrade in the last few flights.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in the Chinese version of multiple games not working.
  • Fixed an issue in memcpy that caused some drivers to hard-hang the system on load; this could manifest as a hang on upgrade, depending on the system.
  • Whether you’ve already installed the free version of State of Decay or haven’t yet, Microsoft has opened up more slots to help test.

This build has six known issues:

  • Launching games that use anti-cheat software may trigger a bugcheck (GSOD).
  • Creative X-Fi sound cards are not functioning properly.
  • The night light still has problems.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers are not functioning properly.
  • VMware can be installed or updated in Windows Insider Preview builds. Hyper-V is a viable alternative if available to you.
  • If you install any of the recent builds from the Fast ring and switch to the Slow ring, optional content such as enabling developer mode will fail. You will have to remain in the Fast ring to add/install/enable optional content. This is because optional content will only install on builds approved for specific rings.

As always, don’t install this on your production machine.

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