Nike’s Android app is bricking its $350 Adapt BB self-lacing shoes

Nike’s Adapt BB self-lacing sneakers have suffered a stumbling start after an Android firmware update appeared to brick them.

The buggy update was released just days after the shoe’s launch last week and appears to be preventing the footwear from pairing with Nike’s app, which controls the shoe’s tightening mechanism. It’s really not what you want to happen with a pair of $ 350 sneakers.

The tech-laden shoe incorporates a power-lacing system called FitAdapt that can be controlled either by the app (when it’s working properly) or manually using buttons on the shoe. It’s not yet clear if the buttons are also out of action for owners whose smartphone is failing to pair with the shoe.

No such issues have been reported by iPhone users with the Adapt BB shoes, but commenters on the Play Store indicate that some Android users are experiencing serious difficulties.

Chad Sanchez, for example, said that while the shoe fits well, “the app is terrible.” He continues: “Won’t connect to the left shoe and it won’t allow you to move past that. It’s pretty sad paying $ 350 for something that doesn’t work properly. Hope Nike fixes this fast and sends out something to correct it.”

Another owner, Asa Domolky, complained that “the first software update for the shoe threw an error while updating, bricking the right shoe. needs serious work. can’t believe nike put out a product that just feels rushed or unfinished. support has been useless thus far.”

It appears that performing a hard reset with the Adapt BB sneakers has helped some people to get the high-tech shoes working properly again. Nike offers troubleshooting tips on its website, including how to perform various types of resets that may resolve the issue. Just avoid downloading the firmware update again if prompted to do so.

The Nike Adapt BB builds on the technology of the HyperAdapt 1.0 model, which the company unveiled in 2016. The design includes a custom motor and gear train that lets users control the shoe’s tightness remotely, offering athletes an easy way to maximize comfort during a sports session.

The app, when it works properly, lets you fine-tune your fit, switch between presets, customize the shoe’s lights, check battery levels, among other things.

It’s certainly surprising that Nike failed to properly test the Android firmware update before rolling it out. We’ve reached out to the company for a response to the issue affecting its Adapt BB shoe and will update when we hear back.

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