Oculus says the door is not closed on Iron Man joining Marvel VR

Marvel: Powers United VR‘s roster of playable heroes ended up being a pretty decent selection of spandex-wearing super people. But well all know there was one major omission from the Oculus Rift exclusive – Iron Man.

At Oculus Connect 5 this week Steve Arnold, Head of Oculus Studios, talked to us about why Tony Stark didn’t make it into this summer’s release, and if we’ll see him added in later down the line.

“Everyone wants to play as Iron Man,” Arnold said. “Whenever you deal with Marvel there’s always a give and take on which characters you’re going to get. They’ve been a fantastic partner so far, but there is no Iron Man presence today as you know, but I do hope to see him at some point in the future. The door is not closed. We do think a representation of Iron Man in VR would be just amazing. It’s almost the perfect character for it.”

We agree with Arnold; Iron Man would be the perfect character to include as DLC (which developer Sanzaru Games says is coming for free). Marvel already has flying characters included, and using Touch controllers to wield Stark’s repulsor blasts and using head-tracking to lock on missiles could feel incredibly intuitive. In fact, the idea is so promising that Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe had been prototyping Iron Man’s very own VR game, though it sadly never came to fruition.

Plus, Marvel could definitely use some more unique characters, as the lack of variation between some heroes was one of our biggest complaints about the game.

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