Photoshop power in a mobile app? Report suggests full Photoshop coming to iPad

The move to split Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic gave mobile photographers a majority of Lightroom’s tools on a mobile device — and a new report suggests Adobe could be bringing a fuller version of Photoshop to the iPad. Anonymous sources from inside the company recently told Bloomberg that the software giant is working on a full Photoshop app for iPad.

Adobe did not confirm or deny the rumors, though Adobe’s Creative Cloud chief product officer told Bloomberg that the company is aspiring to create a cross-platform Photoshop along with other programs. If Adobe does, in fact, release a full Photoshop version for the iPad, the move could potentially create the most full-featured mobile editing app yet, while giving photo editors more mobility and a touchscreen interface.

“While we can’t comment on any specific rumors or speculation, Adobe has always supported customer needs on the platforms and devices that are essential to them, and we’re committed to enabling workflows that unleash cross-platform creativity for all,” an Adobe spokesperson told Digital Trends.

Currently, Adobe offers a limited number of Photoshop tools inside mobile apps like Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix. The mobile apps, however, lack the Photoshop prowess of the desktop software. Photoshop Express, for example, lacks layers, a necessary tool for the more intricate Photoshop editing.

Multi-device compatibility has been a major focus for Adobe’s latest products, after splitting Lightroom in order to create a program (almost) identical across mobile and desktop applications. While Lightroom CC is catching up to the original, Lightroom Classic still has a handful of tools that are not available across mobile devices.

Following the Lightroom split, Project Rush is slated to bring more video editing tools to mobile devices. While not as full-featured as Adobe Premiere Pro, the company’s major video desktop editor, Project Rush includes a few more options than the mobile Adobe Premiere Clip.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is designed for working on one project from multiple devices, but the limited computing abilities inside mobile devices mean the mobile apps don’t have the same features as the desktop software. But as the mobile Lightroom CC demonstrates, mobile technology is starting to close some of those gaps. Time will tell if the iPad is ready to handle a full version of Photoshop — the rumors suggest an October announcement and 2019 release.

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