PlayStation 4: New DualShock colors will jazz up your gaming sessions

If you’ve caught yourself eyeing your PlayStation 4 controller lately and thinking that what you could do with are some funky new color options to jazz up your gaming sessions, then guess what — you’re in luck.

It’s true — Sony has just announced four new controllers that it hopes will dazzle and delight, though admittedly they probably won’t help you improve your gaming performance one bit.

The names of the new additions? Berry Blue (it’s mostly aqua with the buttons colored purple), Sunset Orange (this one’s the brightest of the bunch), Blue Camouflage (a perfect match with your favorite first-person shooter games), and, er … Copper (yes, it’s copper-colored).

“We’re happy to announce that four new vibrant and stylish colors are joining the DualShock 4 wireless controller lineup in September,” Sony’s Steve Schwartz announced in a post on the PlayStation’s U.S. site.

Here’s Steve’s take on the new offerings: “Bright, playful, and fun, the new Berry Blue edition brings new flavor to the DS4 lineup, while the vibrant Sunset Orange brings a little heat to your gameplay.”

Blue Camouflage, meanwhile, will be “right up your alley” so long as “you’re a fan of trendy patterns.” Copper is suggested as a sensible option for those who “prefer sticking to one color.” We can’t argue with that.

The new line-up of wireless DualShock 4 controllers join the collection of nine that are currently available, and in terms of colors represent the funkiest of the lot.

The new additions will show up first in the U.S. and Canada in September, with Copper selling as an exclusive at GameStop for a limited period, before appearing at other select retailers. Click here for pre-order details, or check your local retailer for availability. The new DualShock 4 controllers will hit the European market a little later, in October.

So how much will these cool-looking controllers set you back? Each one comes with a $ 65 price tag (CAD$ 75/no Euro prices yet) and will be available “until supplies last.” Does that mean they’re limited edition? It certainly sounds that way, though Steve doesn’t explicitly state this to be the case in his blog post. We’ve reached out to Sony for confirmation and will update when we hear back.

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