Sea of Thieves update delayed to stop it from pillaging system memory

The Forsaken Shores are coming to Sea of Thieves. But not until the end of the month. Developer Rare has postponed the release of its latest content update. The pirating adventure’s Forsaken Shores will now debut September 27. The DLC was set for September 19 on PC and Xbox One. The studio held a beta test over the weekend before committing to any new date. But it has uncovered a serious bug, and it needs time to fix it.

“Our priority is to ensure we deliver a stable, polished and bug-free experience that all our players can enjoy,” Neate wrote in a post on the Sea of Thieves forums. “We have just had a weekend of Pioneer testing, which has highlighted a memory issue, which is resulting in an unstable build where a large number of our Pioneers were experiencing crashes. From our investigations this is a complex issue that we are working through solving, but as such we do not feel in a position to release Forsaken Shores to our players with confidence this week.”

The plan now is to find and eliminate the cause of the memory leak. Once Rare has done that, it will prepare a new test. The studio expects to do have that done in time for the new release.

What to expect from Forsaken Shores

Forsaken Shores is the latest entry in Rare’s free content updates for Sea of Thieves. It introduces a new region that goes by the name Devil’s Roar. This is a volcanic landmass that could erupt at any time. The volcano also causes boiling water, flying rocks, and geysers. To help players navigate these new challenges, Forsaken Shores is introducing a row boat. This smaller vessel fits in tighter quarters than the traditional ships.

The DLC also gives players a new set of merchant missions, a wider variety of foods, and the ability to cook. Finally, we can stop eating raw bananas for every meal.

Finally, Forsaken Shores is bringing the new Skeleton Lords enemy type into Sea of Thieves.

This is Rare’s third big DLC release for Sea of Thieves. It previously launched The Hungering Deep in May and the Cursed Sails in July. The studio started with three separate teams all working on their own updates on an alternating schedule, but it has since added a fourth team. The goal is to release something along the lines of Forsaken Shores once every 2-to-3 months. As long as Forsaken Shores makes its new release date, it will remain well within that window. And then it’s on to the next big release for Sea of Thieves sometime before the end of the year.

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