Sensor Tower: Brawl Stars hits $275 million in revenue, 100 million installs in 6 months

Brawl Stars may well be on its way to joining its siblings Clash of Clans and Clash Royale as another reliable mobile gaming moneymaker for Supercell, at least according to the databanks of Sensor Tower.

The mobile research firm posted a blog estimating that Brawl Stars has brought in $ 275 million in revenue and seen 100 million installs since its December 12 launch. It’s a mobile brawler with MOBA-esque mechanics for iOS and Android. With mobile being a $ 70 billion global market, it’s essential for publishers such as Supercell to find new hits before established games lost their luster.

According to Sensor Tower, Brawl Stars has brought in about 64% of what Clash Royale, Supercell’s previous release in March 2016, had at the same point of its lifecycle. And it hasn’t even hit China yet.

Who loves Brawl Stars?

Sensor Tower found that South Korea is the No. 1 spot for Brawl Stars spending — $ 61 million. That’s 22% of Brawl Stars’ revenues. The U.S. comes in second at $ 52 million (19%), and Japan is third at $ 25 million (9%).

Turns out Brawl Stars is doing better in Asia so far than Supercell’s other games.

“Brawl Stars actually generates a higher percentage of its revenue from Asian markets in general than Supercell’s other titles. Its share of revenue from Japan, for example, is significantly higher than Clash of Clans’ or Clash Royale’s,” Sensor Tower cofounder Alex Malafeev said over email.

Malafeev also thinks Brawl Stars’ Asian performance may be because of its “MOBA-like qualities.” League of Legends, Dota 2, and other online strategy games (even old-school stuff like StarCraft) have massive followings in Asia.

Clone war

Brawl Stars was in a soft launch for some time before Supercell launched it in March 2016, and giving other developers a chance to clone it. Some of these “me-too” games debuted before Brawl Stars.

None of them come close to Brawl Stars’ reach, revenue, and installs. Supercell has far more marketing clout than most other publishers and developers on the planet, and it has a reputation for making quality games.

“There have actually been quite a few Brawl Stars clones released even before the game’s global launch, including Wild Clash, Blast Squad, and Tanks A Lot, but those games have generated only a tiny fraction of Brawl Star’s revenue,” Malafeev said.

Supercell has won this “brawl.”

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