Stormland interview: Diving into one of most anticipated VR games of 2019

Stormland is fast-approaching as one of the year’s hottest VR titles, and UploadVR spoke to Insomniac Games about the VR adventure’s story, gameplay, and inspiration.

Back at E3 2019 a few months ago, we conducted a series of interviews with various developers of upcoming VR games. Some of those interviews were posted quickly (such as for Sniper Elite VR and Beat Saber) and others … well, weren’t. In some cases we had other priorities to tend to first, or got busy with other things (we’re a small team!), or honestly just forgot and misplaced the files — but we’re aiming to rectify that with Oculus Connect 6 fast approaching next week!

We’ve had the chance to try out Stormland a few times in the past, including a brief tease of co-operative multiplayer, and whatever Insomniac and Oculus have in store for OC6 should be exciting. A firm release date is likely, as is another chance to try it out before release.

In the above interview we talked with Tim Salvitti, a senior community developer at Insomniac Games, about Stormland’s story, its inspiration, the expansive gameplay, and the ambitious scope. Its traversal mechanics encompass the gamut of possibilities we’ve seen in other games from flying, skimming across clouds, climbing, smooth movement, and more.

Are you planning on picking up Stormland when it releases later this year exclusively on Oculus Home for Rift?

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