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Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I.

Artificial Intelligence The Bot That Writes Are These People Real? Algorithms Against Suicide Robots Without Bias Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I. Timnit Gebru, one of the few Black women in her field, had voiced exasperation […]

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Neuroscience’s superstar explains how A.I. is weak, why we dream, and more

Kimberly White/Getty Images If you’re interested in the brain, then you’re interested in the work of David Eagleman. Whether it’s his bestselling popular science books, his Emmy-nominated television series The Brain with David Eagleman, or his groundbreaking research published in journals like Science and Nature, there’s a good chance you’re already very familiar with what […]


When copyrights make finding video soundtracks hard, this A.I. musician can help

To help social media’s content creators find music for their videos that isn’t protected by copyright, photo- and video-editing app PicsArt created an artificially intelligent musician that composes endless, rights-free music. Simply called A.I. Music, it shows up as a new tab in the app’s video editor and automatically generates music based on a mood […]

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IBM turned its Jeopardy-winning A.I. into the world’s smartest COVID-19 chatbot

IBM’s question-answering Watson A.I. is most famous for whooping the butt of human champions on quiz show Jeopardy. Now, IBM has repurposed its famous creation to help government agencies, health care organizations, and academic institutions around the world cope with the massive overload of questions that citizens have about the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the […]

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The Drone Racing League’s newest racing rig is piloted entirely by A.I.

[embedded content] Professional drone racing circuit the Drone Racing League (DRL), has unleashed its first autonomous racing drone. Called RacerAI, the innovative new drone changes the drone racing game by flying itself, rather than requiring a human to steer it. Resembling a stealth aircraft with its angular, arrow-shaped body, RacerAI is built for speed — […]

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Skydio’s new auto-follow drone is basically a flying A.I. cinematographer

[embedded content] Up-and-coming unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Skydio unveiled a new drone today. The Skydio 2, as it’s called, is essentially a new-and-improved version of the Skydio R1 — an autonomy-focused camera drone that was released in early 2018. The new version boasts a bundle of improvements, including better battery life, longer range, and […]