Multiscription announces Unleashd subscription service for free-to-play games

Multiscription has unveiled Unleashd, an in-game subscription service that can create a new source of revenue for free-to-play games. More than 40 publishers have signed up 50 games for the service, which complements existing free-to-play revenue streams. The supporters include Nitro Games, Amuzo, Full HP, and Northplay. Unleashd is slated to launch on Google Play […]

Gears & Gadgets

Microsoft announces Microsoft 365, a service to replace personal Office 365

Teams will offer features for families. Microsoft Here’s a screenshot (or mockup) of the ScreenTime-like Family Safety app. Microsoft Microsoft Editor is the company’s answer to Grammarly. Microsoft Users will be able to connect their personal and work calendars in Outlook. Microsoft New templates and other features are coming to PowerPoint. PowerPoint has a […]

Gears & Gadgets

Huawei announces its first operating system, HarmonyOS

Enlarge Ever since the Trump administration’s export ban on Huawei threatened the company’s Android phones, Huawei has been making claims that it didn’t really need Android and could start its own operating system if it needed to. Today, Huawei’s saber-rattling reached a new volume with the announcement of “HarmonyOS,” Huawei’s very own, home-grown operating system. […]