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San Francisco Shock beat Seoul Dynasty to become back-to-back Overwatch League champions

After a rocky, unpredictable season, the San Francisco Shock defeated the Seoul Dynasty, 4-2, to secure their place as Overwatch League’s first back-to-back world champions. The Shock’s second league title wasn’t quite as simple as the first. Seoul came from behind Saturday, cutting through skepticism and pushing the series to six maps, with clutch plays […]


Apple’s watchOS 7 may beat Google’s latest Wear OS, but both need help

Automation and Jobs Read our latest special issue. Open Now Smartwatches have become a huge business over the past several years, evolving past the “why do people need these” phase into trusted health monitors and secondary communication devices for millions of people. Apple currently dominates the global market with watchOS-powered Apple Watches, but Google’s Wear […]


The D20 Beat: It’s Ys time

VB Transform The AI event for business leaders Hosted Online July 15 – 17 Learn More I’ve enjoyed Japanese role-playing games ever since I first encountered the likes of Dragon Quest and Faxanadu in the late 1980s (earlier if The Legend of Zelda counts in your JRPG book, as it does in mine). I’ve played […]


Beat Saber’s exclusive PSVR content will come to PC

Following backlash surrounding the reveal of exclusive content for the PSVR version of Beat Saber, developer Beat Games has reassured PC players they’re not being forgotten. In tweets yesterday the developer noted that it wanted PSVR players to have ‘something new’ to experience when the game launched on the platform on November 20. That includes a […]