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The PS5 makes being Miles Morales feel super

Through the long history of the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man has been prefaced by plenty of adjectives — Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational — to signify his excellence. Playing as supercharged Spider-teen Miles Morales on the brand-spanking-new PlayStation 5, the latest “Spider-Man” gaming experience invokes another: Ultimate. Setting aside the excellent (if short) story and entertaining series of […]


Dreams’ PSVR addition is being used to show carbon footprint

Media Molecule’s Dreams will add a new PlayStation VR functionality on July 22, the developer announced at Tuesday’s DreamsCon showcase, which the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will use to increase environmental awareness. In post on PlayStation.Blog, Dreams developer Media Molecule’s Communications Manager, Abbie Heppe, shed details on PSVR in-game. The update will be free and adds […]

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In China, a deep brain stimulation implant is being used to treat addiction

Deep brain stimulation is a procedure in which a pacemaker-like “neurostimulator” is used to zap specific regions of the brain. While it’s not yet fully understood, early research indicates that it could be useful for treating a range of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and depression. Now researchers in China have taken the next step […]

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The Strange Experience of Being Australia’s First Tech Billionaires

Supported by The Strange Experience of Being Australia’s First Tech Billionaires ImageScott Farquhar, left, and Mike Cannon-Brookes at the Sydney headquarters of their company, Atlassian. “The orthodoxy amongst the Australian tech companies is to stay away from politics,” an Australian venture capitalist said. “And then now there’s these guys.”CreditCreditMatthew Abbott for The New York Times […]

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As law enforcement gets increasingly high-tech, is privacy being compromised?

Futurists and tech companies often use the idea of freedom to promote products, but as technology gets ever more complicated and spreads into every facet of life, it provides authorities with ever more tools and opportunities to observe the populace and potentially infringe on those freedoms. Law enforcement agencies, in particular, are rapidly incorporating cutting-edge […]