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Intel’s 10th-generation H-series laptop CPUs break 5GHz

The immediate takeaway on 10th-gen Comet Lake H-series: 45W TDP, four/six/eight cores with hyperthreading, very high turbo clockrates. Intel Corporation You’ll definitely want to pay attention to the asterisk at the end of “fastest mobile processor.” It’s referring to turbo clock speed, not necessarily overall performance. Intel Corporation Intel is leaning very heavily on the […]

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Inside Chris Hughes’s campaign to break up Facebook, the tech ‘monopoly’ he helped create

Mark Zuckerberg, left, and Chris Hughes created Facebook together at Harvard University. Hughes has now become one of Facebook’s biggest antagonists. (Rick Friedman/Corbis News via Getty Images) July 29 at 2:48 PM SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has become one of the company’s biggest problems. In recent weeks, Hughes, who left the social […]