How to install a graphics card

Dan Baker/Digital Trends Whether you’re building a brand new gaming PC from scratch or are simply upgrading your GPU to improve your FPS and in-game visuals, you need to know how to install a graphics card. If you need to remove an old graphics card before installing your new one, you should uninstall your old […]


See ya, CFast: 1TB CFexpress card transfers photos at 1,400MB per second

Previous Next The latest trend in professional removable storage media is fast approaching. At CES 2019, ProgradeDigital — a relative newcomer to the memory game built on the promise of highly reliable media for working professionals — demonstrated a working CFexpress card, featuring a 1-terabyte capacity and bewildering 1,400 megabyte-per-second transfer rate. The card was demonstrated […]


KeyForge: The red-hot card game where every deck is unique—and unchangeable

Enlarge Charlie Theel As a concept, KeyForge is enthralling. The game is the latest effort from legendary Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield—and the big idea here is that every sealed deck is unique. Decks are pre-constructed and can’t be altered; there’s no card chasing, and there’s certainly no over-arching “meta” game that must be […]