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As a member of Congress, Bill Nelson flew to space. As NASA administrator, he’d face a host of challenges.

The rocket engineers were giddy Thursday, cheering through their face masks. Applauding, virtually high-fiving and wishing they could hug each other to celebrate when NASA’s massive Space Launch System rocket finally successfully completed a key test of its main engines. It was a moment of triumph for the space agency, which over the past year […]


Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on the challenges of adapting an enterprise product for consumers

When it comes to customer expectations, the pandemic has changed everything Learn how to accelerate customer service, optimize costs, and improve self-service in a digital-first world. Register here There’s been a lot of talk about the consumerization of IT in the workplace. But in the case of Zoom, the pandemic forced the high-flying video conferencing […]


Wearable technologies in esports bring opportunities — and challenges

In recent years, athletes in traditional sports leagues such as Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Football League have started utilizing wearable technologies capable of tracking previously unavailable biometric data. This data allows athletes and teams to better understand the athletes’ bodies and performance, which can improve their production and efficiency. […]