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A journalist had a seizure while playing ‘Cyberpunk 2077.’ Then she helped change the game.

Since developing epilepsy after sustaining an injury in the military, Liana Ruppert has endured four grand mal seizures. One briefly stopped her heart. But it was her most recent that generated international headlines. While playing “Cyberpunk 2077” ahead of the game’s release, Ruppert, an associate editor at Game Informer, experienced a grand mal seizure, a […]

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‘Fortnite’ is trying to change public opinion about Apple. But small developers are lost in the debate.

“Fortnite” is not only one of the most popular video games in recent years, it’s also now a powerful public relations weapon in the legal fight between its multibillion-dollar creator, Epic Games, and ultra-billion-dollar companies Apple and Google. When Epic Games filed its lawsuit after getting kicked off the iOS App Store for skirting its […]


How high refresh and frame rates will change phone screens and cameras

Though 2020 will be remembered for many things, one of the year’s noteworthy smartphone device trends — broad availability of “120Hz” screens — could slip under the mainstream radar, mostly because average consumers have no idea what Hz (“Hertz”) means. Displays targeted at gamers and creative professionals adopted 120Hz technology several years ago, sometimes referring […]


How to change your Gmail password

To increase your security online, you should start with updating your email password on a regular basis. For many people, doing so may mean changing a Gmail password. Do you know how to change your Gmail password? If not, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to do it. Just follow our step-by-step guide below. Related […]


How to change startup programs

Startup apps and programs are often convenient if you want to save time when you turn your computer on. But you might have experienced that when many programs try to start at once, your computer can take a long time to boot up successfully.  Changing your startup programs is a simple way to boost your […]