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The music for the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremonies? It comes from video games.

The Tokyo Olympics reminded the world that some of history’s most iconic, important video games hail from the nation, as several memorable orchestrated themes serenaded athletes and onlookers at Friday’s opening ceremonies. The song list included several memorable themes that mainstream audiences may know, like the main theme of the Final Fantasy series and a […]

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Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon comes out swinging at AMD’s Epyc Milan

Enlarge / Thirty-six individual models of Ice Lake Xeon Scalable processor launch today, with immediate retail availability expected from major system vendors, including Supermicro, HPE, and Dell. Intel Intel launched a new batch of third-generation Xeon server processors today. Significantly, these are Ice Lake processors—meaning Intel’s 10 nm process, not the increasingly outdated 14 nm […]

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Acxiom, a huge ad data broker, comes out in favor of Apple CEO Tim Cook's quest to bring GDPR-like regulation to the United States

AP On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook called for sweeping regulation of advertising data brokers- essentially, an American version of the EU’s GDPR data regulation law. One of those data brokers is Acxiom, which said in a statement to Business Insider that the company also wants a national privacy law in the US. The company […]