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The GameStop Reckoning Was a Long Time Coming

This week, the biggest story in the financial markets is the absurdist, pretty-sure-I-hallucinated-it drama involving GameStop, a struggling video-game retailer that became the rope in a high-stakes tug of war between Wall Street suits and a crusading internet mob. The simplest explanation for what happened is that a bunch of hyper-online mischief-makers in Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets […]

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‘Nothing can stop what’s coming’: Far-right forums that fomented Capitol riots voice glee in aftermath

Men wearing camouflage shirts began building a makeshift defensive camp outside the Capitol Wednesday afternoon. They moved barricades and green fencing into a circle, then pulled helmets from a crate and donned goggles in preparation for a clash that had been brewing for weeks and, arguably, for years on far-right forums devoted to President Trump. […]

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Zombie BlackBerrys! QWERTY BlackBerry Android phones are coming back

OnwardMobility’s teaser image. OnwardMobility The BlackBerry Priv, actually from BlackBerry, felt like the company’s last full-effort attempt at a smartphone. Ron Amadeo The BlackBerry KeyOne from TCL. It seems fine from a distance, but TCL was charging way too much for it. TCL TCL also turned in really sad offerings like this “BlackBerry DTEK50,” which […]


Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Turismo and more are coming to PS5

Enlarge / The PlayStation 5’s new gamepad is called DualSense and sports a bold two-toned design. Did Aperture Science make this? Sony / Aurich Lawson But it did include incredible, up-close detail of Miles’s real-time face. Sony Interactive Entertainment Unlike other trailers in today’s event, Spider-man: Miles Morales included very little apparent gameplay. Sony Interactive […]