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Google taps vast trove of location data to aid global effort to combat coronavirus

Google is presenting the data as aggregated statistics, and it isn’t publishing the real-time movements of individual users or the places they have visited, Jen Fitzpatrick, a senior vice president, and Karen DeSalvo, Google’s chief health officer, said in a blog post. The technology powering this service is typically used to help people figure out […]

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Mass school closures in the wake of the coronavirus are driving a new wave of student surveillance

“Online proctor” services like these have already policed millions of American college exams, tapping into students’ cameras, microphones and computer screens when they take their tests at home. Now these companies are enjoying a rush of new business as the coronavirus pandemic closes thousands of American schools, and executives are racing to capture new clients […]


How coronavirus is boosting booze, weed, and other vice industries

While many businesses are struggling to survive the crippling impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, others are seeing a surge in demand. The increased traffic spans bicycle stores, video-based social networking, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, “vice industries.” With social-distancing and self-isolation widely acknowledged as the best ways to counter the spread of COVID-19, demand for goods such […]

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Morgan Stanley says these are the 10 bargain software stocks to buy now and 8 more to watch, with the best chances of rebounding after the coronavirus crisis is over

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