Emerging Tech

UV-activated superglue could literally help to heal broken hearts

Scientists at Zhejiang University in China have developed a new high-tech glue that’s capable of efficiently healing damage to organs, including the heart. While it hasn’t been tested on humans, the groundbreaking adhesive gel has been successfully demonstrated in animal tests involving pigs. In a proof-of-concept demonstration, scientists used a needle to puncture a small […]


AI Weekly: How self-driving cars could reduce emissions, eliminate parking spots, and add $1.3 trillion to the U.S. economy

During Tesla’s inaugural Autonomy Day on Monday, CEO Elon Musk spoke about an idea first articulated in a document published three years ago — an autonomous taxi service built on the back of Tesla’s growing Model 3 and Model S network. It would be powered by the company’s Autopilot software and would allow any owner […]