Studies show bots might not be the dominant driver of COVID-19 misinformation on social media

The pandemic has given rise to social media accounts operated by malicious actors who aim to sow misinformation about COVID-19. As vaccination campaigns get underway, they threaten to stymie the push toward herd immunity around the world. Misinformation about masks and injections could contribute — and have contributed — to low adoption rates and increased […]

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How China Censored Covid-19

This article is copublished with ProPublica, the nonprofit investigative newsroom. In the early hours of Feb. 7, China’s powerful internet censors experienced an unfamiliar and deeply unsettling sensation. They felt they were losing control. The news was spreading quickly that Li Wenliang, a doctor who had warned about a strange new viral outbreak only to […]


What game development methodology can teach the Biden administration about solving the COVID-19 pandemic

Ten months into the world’s response to the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, every corner of America is attempting to find the best approach for bringing ourselves back to “normal” without exposing our vulnerable populations. I am in the unique position of being a leader directly involved with companies around the globe, including leading NC West […]

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Social media firms fail to act on Covid-19 fake news

Hundreds of posts spreading misinformation about Covid-19 are being left online, according to a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Some 649 posts were reported to Facebook and Twitter, including false cures, anti-vaccination propaganda and conspiracy theories around 5G. 90% remained visible online afterwards without any warnings attached, the report suggests. Facebook said […]