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NASA sets a date for historic SpaceX launch, the first flight of NASA crews from U.S. in nearly a decade

While the date could change — in spaceflight they often do — the announcement marks a significant milestone in NASA’s winding, at times tortuous, journey to regain its human spaceflight wings since it retired the space shuttle in 2011. This time, though, the launch will be markedly different from any other in the history of […]

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SpaceX just nailed its most challenging Falcon 9 rocket landing to date

SpaceX Update: thanks to favorable weather conditions and a perfectly executed launch, SpaceX’s Nusantara Satu mission was at least a partial success. At time of writing, the rocket’s payloads (a satellite and a lunar lander) have not yet been delivered into orbit, but it’s second stage booster was successfully recovered after landing on SpaceX’s autonomous […]