What game development methodology can teach the Biden administration about solving the COVID-19 pandemic

Ten months into the world’s response to the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic, every corner of America is attempting to find the best approach for bringing ourselves back to “normal” without exposing our vulnerable populations. I am in the unique position of being a leader directly involved with companies around the globe, including leading NC West […]

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Fortnite still barred from app store, but Epic retains access to Apple development tools, judge rules

In a blow to Apple, a district court approved Epic Games’s request for a temporary restraining order against the iPhone maker and App Store operator. The ruling prevents Apple from barring Epic’s use of tools required for iOS and Mac software design. In a hearing conducted over Zoom on Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne […]


Microsoft releases Windows Vision Skills preview to streamline computer vision development

Computer vision is an exceedingly useful subfield of machine learning that’s been applied to everything from facial recognition to tuberculosis diagnosis, and Microsoft wants to streamline its deployment on Windows. The company today released a preview of Windows Vision Skills, a set of packages that enable a range of AI-driven photo and video analysis tasks. […]

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Microsoft suspends development of touch-friendly Office apps for Windows

Enlarge Nicole Klauss Microsoft has stopped developing new features for the touch-friendly Office Mobile apps for Windows 10, reports the Verge. Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile first made their debut with Windows 8.1. Their significance is twofold: they have a user interface that’s designed to be touch-friendly, and they’re built using Microsoft’s modern […]