Digital Storm Lynx

Build it yourself, or go with a prebuilt model? That’s the classic dilemma when you’re shopping for a gaming desktop. California-based specialty builder Digital Storm aims to deliver the benefits of both worlds with its Lynx mid-tower (starts at $ 799; $ 1,999 as tested). Designed for serious gaming, it’s offered in four prebuilt configurations […]


Esports group Fnatic teams up with blockchain firm WAX on digital collectibles

Esports organization Fnatic has branched out into game hardware, leveraging the fame of its esports athletes. And today, the London-based company is teaming up with the World Asset Exchange (WAX) to create digital collectibles using WAX’s blockchain technology. Blockchain is the transparent and secure decentralized ledger that has fueled the rise of cryptocurrency. And it […]


The Leica M10-D is a reincarnated classic ‘film’ camera with digital guts

Previous Next Leica’s latest camera would be tough to pick out among a line of classic film cameras, despite the camera’s digital sensor inside. On Wednesday, October 24, Leica debuted the Leica M10-D, a full-frame digital rangefinder camera with a screen-free body channeling classic film. As part of Leica’s digital rangefinder series, the Leica M10-D […]