Parrot’s Anafi FPV is a drone you fly with a heads-up display

Anafi. Bepop. Disco. Hydrofoil. Paris, France-based Parrot’s drone portfolio runs the gamut from fixed-winged aircraft to lightweight quadcopters, and it’s always expanding. In April, Parrot announced the Anafi Thermal, a $ 1,900 drone equipped with sensors and software tailor-made for rescuers, architects, and the energy industry that slotted alongside last year’s Anafi, a four-propeller drone […]


HP 27f 27-Inch 4K Display

The defining feature of HP’s $ 449 27f 27-Inch 4K Display is its 4K (aka UHD, or ultra-high-definition) panel, whose resolution you’ll see in relatively few monitors not geared toward elite gamers or serious content creators. With more than 8 million pixels on its 27-inch screen, the 27f 4K renders a sharp image and vividly […]


LG UltraFine Display 24MD4KL review

LG UltraFine Display 24MD4KL “LG’s UltraFine is only for hardcore Mac fans, but they’ll love it.” Color accurate panel optimized for creative workflows Lots of ports that are easily accessible Versatile mounting options No legacy ports, lacks Windows support Thick bezels are clunky MSRP $ 699.95 Using monitor buttons feels like traveling back in time. […]