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From wake word to woke word: Siri and Alexa tell you black lives matter, but tech still has a diversity problem

Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant answer in similar ways, now trained to address that question and others raised by recent events. Chief executives at tech companies ranging from Uber to Facebook have posted public notes to express support for the black lives movement, while companies like Amazon and Twitter have plastered their platforms with banners […]

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Emoji 12.0 brings us waffles, more diversity, suggestive “finger pinch” glyph

Say hello to the “finger pinch” emoji. Please use this responsibly. Emojipedia Lots of representation for people with disabilities. We’ve got a hearing aid, deaf people service dogs, probing canes, lots of wheelchairs, and bionic arms and legs. Emojipedia “People holding hands” in all 70 gender and skin color combinations. Emojipedia Here is a yawning […]