Check out these amazing views of Earth shot from the space station

Soichi Noguchi has emerged as the resident photographer of the International Space Station’s current Expedition 64 crew. The 55-year-old Japanese astronaut reached the orbiting outpost last month, together with three American astronauts, aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule on its first operational flight. Since arriving, Noguchi has been tweeting some amazing photos as the ISS orbits […]


Review: Revisit the controversial Biosphere 2 project with Spaceship Earth

Official trailer for Spaceship Earth, a documentary about the controversial Biosphere 2 experiment in the early 1990s. In September 1991, amid much media fanfare, eight people entered a closed experimental facility called Biosphere 2 for a two-year stint in total isolation. They endured hunger, a dangerous rise in CO2 levels, interpersonal squabbles, a media backlash, […]


Minecraft Earth beta is coming soon

Minecraft Earth, an all-new mobile AR version of the global sensation sandbox building and survival game, is coming to iOS later this month and Android “soon thereafter” according to the official blog. We first heard about Minecraft Earth about two months ago in mid-May when developers Mojang released an announcement trailer and then last month debuted actual gameplay for the […]