Epic Games acquires studio behind facial animations in God of War, Spider-Man

Epic Games, the studio behind the massively popular Fortnite and the widely-used Unreal Engine, has acquired Cubic Motion, which specializes in facial animation technology. Cubic Motion has created tools that allow video game developers and filmmakers to capture more realistic facial animations using a complex camera rig and software platform. The startup has also developed the […]

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Facial recognition tech could help unlock secrets of dark matter in the universe

Could the same technology that is used to unlock people’s smartphones also help unlock the potential secrets of the universe? It may sound unlikely, but that’s exactly what researchers from Switzerland’s science and technology-focused university ETH Zurich are working to achieve. Using a variation of the type of artificial intelligence neural network that is behind […]

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Amazon’s facial recognition updates can detect fear, among other emotions

Amazon’s facial recognition software can detect emotion on people’s faces, including fear.  Rekignition, which is one of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services, is used for facial analysis for developers. The service can identify different expressions and emotions by using advanced artificial intelligence.   Amazon announced on Monday improvements to the service that includes better […]

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ICE Used Facial Recognition to Mine State Driver’s License Databases

WASHINGTON — Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have mined state driver’s license databases using facial recognition technology, analyzing millions of motorists’ photos without their knowledge. In at least three states that offer driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, ICE officials have requested to comb through state repositories of license photos, according to newly released documents. At […]

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Amazon: Facial recognition bias claims are 'misleading'

Amazon has defended its facial-recognition tool, Rekognition, against claims of racial and gender bias, following a study published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The researchers compared tools from five companies, including Microsoft and IBM. While none was 100% accurate, it found that Amazon’s Rekognition tool performed the worst when it came to recognising women […]