Baobab Studio’s next VR film is Baba Yaga

Baobab Studios, the developers behind Bonfire, Asteroids! and more, revealed that its next project is an immersive experience called “Baba Yaga.” The 2020 Annecy International Animation Festival Online will unveil a first look in a few weeks. Baba Yaga’s co-directors are Baobab cofounder Eric Darnell and French director Mathias Chelebourg. The experience will be “a contemporary portrayal […]


This odd accessory adapts an expensive Hasselblad to shoot Instax Mini film

Hasselblad medium-format cameras are film classics, but what happens when you mix an old, high-end Hasselblad with the modern, inexpensive Fujifilm Instax instant film? The Escura Hasselblad Portrait back adapts the medium format film camera to shoot the readily available Instax Mini film. Putting cheap Instax film inside an expensive medium format Hasselblad V-system camera […]