Final Fantasy VII Remake review: Thundaga can’t strike twice

Final Fantasy VII Remake review: Thundaga can’t strike twice “…although the complete Final Fantasy VII storyline is a fascinating, emotional globetrotting adventure, this first 40-hour romp is anything but.” A well-written expansion of one of gaming’s most beloved stories Visually striking when the story calls for it Generously voiced and gorgeously scored with solid performances […]

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Coronavirus could deal final blow to embattled Apex Legends pro scene

While other esports leagues have also had to upend meticulously-planned schedules in response to the outbreak, the timing is particularly precarious for Apex, given existing problems and frustrations in the professional community. Further imperiling the Apex circuit is the impending release of games like Riot’s Valorant, which has enticed many Apex pros. Made by the […]


Natasha Romanoff faces off against Taskmaster in final Black Widow trailer

Marvel’s Black Widow final trailer. Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) goes back to her roots to take down a ruthless mercenary recruiting other young women to be combat operatives in the final trailer for Black Widow, Marvel’s long-overdue standalone feature film delving into the mysterious past of the late titular Avenger. (Some spoilers for Captain America: Civil […]