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James Webb telescope undergoes vacuum testing, finally moving toward launch

Technicians and engineers needed to take special precautions when preparing, and transporting Webb’s spacecraft element for entry into Northrop Grumman’s environmental testing chambers. Northrop Grumman The long-delayed James Webb telescope is finally moving toward completion. The telescope recently passed a round of testing ahead of its planned launch in 2021. The spacecraft which will launch […]

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Bose is releasing new $400 wireless headphones with better noise-cancelling and – finally – a new design

Bose Bose announced a new pair of noise-cancelling headphones on Wednesday, and they don’t look like the old ones. For years, Bose has sold its best-in-class, beloved QC-series noise-cancelling headphones with the same or similar design as the Quiet Comfort 2 headphones from 2003. It was like the Porsche of headphones: easily recognizable and iconic […]

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Facebook and Instagram are finally recovering from one of the worst outages in their history

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg toboggans down the Great Wall of China.Facebook Facebook and Instagram are recovering from huge outages on Wednesday. Instagram tweeted: “Anddddd… we’re back.” Reports of disruption on Facebook declined significantly. Facebook said the problems were not the result of a DDoS attack, while NBC Bay Area reported that the issue was caused […]

Gears & Gadgets

Google wants a VP of Wearables, might finally take smartwatches seriously

Enlarge / The new Wear OS. Google Think you can save Android Wear? A new Google job listing (first spotted by Android Police) shows an opening for “Vice President, Hardware Engineering, Wearables” on the Google Hardware team. The person would “work collaboratively with the Senior Leadership team for Google Hardware and will be responsible for the design, development, […]