Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets xCloud streaming at no additional cost

VB Transform The AI event for business leaders Hosted Online July 15 – 17 Learn More Watch VB Transform’s Conversational AI Summit live today! Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is getting another value-boosting feature. In September, Microsoft is combining its premium game-subscription service with its streaming Project xCloud technology. Microsoft announced the addition in a blog […]

Gears & Gadgets

Western Digital gets sued for sneaking SMR disks into its NAS channel

Enlarge / Hattis Law isn’t pulling any punches in the allegations made in its class-action lawsuit, specifically calling WD out not only for using SMR technology in less-than-ideal devices, but flatly accusing them of outright deception in the process. Hattis Law All three of the surviving conventional hard drive vendors—Toshiba, Western Digital, and Seagate—have gotten […]

Emerging Tech

The interstellar comet passing through out solar system gets an official name

Gemini Observatory two-color composite image of C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) which is the first interstellar comet ever identified Gemini Observatory/NSF/AURA The interstellar comet that was discovered passing through our solar system on August 30 has been officially named 2I/Borisov.  The comet formerly known as C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) — a mouthful, to be fair — was discovered […]